Sunday, January 30, 2011

Vinyl News

Hi All,

A few days ago, I attended a Dunny release party celebrating the opening of a new series titled Dunny Azteca 2. The first Dunny Azteca series was released in 2007 and was my first look into the wide realm of vinyl figures called Dunnys. There were some great Dunnys in this new release, but a few were particularly special. I obtained one of them during the party, which was designed by the Beast Brothers. This was one of the highly prized figures in the series:

During the party, a man had the Dunny shown below, which I had been searching for for a while. He was very generous and traded me for just two doubles that I was trying to get rid of in the first place.

Below are two Aztec-inspired figures designed by the artist Jesse Hernandez. The first is a figure known as a BIC buddy, and the second is the Bat God Dunny from the 2010 Series.

Lastly, I have been discussing a trade with an employee of the store Rotofugi. One day, I arrived and was told that an employee had pulled the Gary Baseman Dunny from the 2Tone Series. The ratio for getting this Dunny is 1/192, which means, you would have to open 12 different cases filled with 16 individual Dunnys to obtain one. Miraculously, he got it in his first blind box (Click on "What is a blind assortment?" on the righthand side of the page) of this series. He wasn't in love with it as much as I was, so as long as I traded him what he was looking for, I could have it. I offered him six doubles collecting dust in a box in exchange for the Baseman. Woohoo! And for your amusement, I posted a picture of it below:

Thats all for now on the vinyl front, so next up will be a post on birding! Thanks for reading.

Monday, January 3, 2011

My Year list in Review

So I am in a group on Flickr for Young birders, and I was asked for my year list. So, I printed out the ABA checklist, and checked away. I got 339 Birds this year, and only 2 heard only, making the final total for the ABA 341. Then, if we include the Ecuador trip that we took in March, I got 241 seen, and 38 heard only, making the final total 279 Species. If we combine these, we get a total of 620 species. Them, if we include the quick trip that I took to Europe with my Dad, we add another 27 species (should have been more), and get a Final Total of 647 Species this year. I haven't calculated the total for my life list but I don't think its much bigger. Good birding!